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StockSafari™ is the name of both this website and the unique software that allows you to easily and effortlessly make upwards of 3% (cash basis) or much more, every 2 to 4 weeks. 

Regarding StockSafari™ software, it is the easiest and most powerful stock price forecasting software that is beyond state-of-the-art.  You can download the freeware version (that runs on Windows PC) of StockSafari™ instantly and begin using it in a minute or two by clicking on the download link HERE.  The download link will download a file, i.e., which contains the freeware and its easy User Guide.  Simply save to a folder, say c:\StockSafari  and then extract the files.  Then run the GO.EXE file, which is the StockSafari™ stock price forecasting freeware.

Once you’ve read the easy User Guide, you’ll be able to readily understand the sample recent forecasts, whose screenshots can be viewed by clicking HERE, and then click on any of the PNG (i.e. PNG format) files shown.


About StockSafari.Com  

StockSafari.Com is uniquely able to provide to you, via its software, StockSafari™, extremely precise, reliable, price forecasts on a number stocks.  The forward-looking time window is near-term (2 to 4 weeks) which typically sees stock price swings of about 3% to more than 10% (cash basis), up or down, or both. 

Using our uniquely accurate price forecasts, high return is de-coupled from high-risk, and re-coupled with low risk --- the ideal situation thought to be impossible, until now. 

Producing the most powerful, and unrivaled, price forecasts on stocks of interest is StockSafari.Com’s single-minded focus.  The accurate price forecasts enable you to detect opportunities that are otherwise invisible or easily missed, while capturing and maximizing the full extent of profits from the forecasted price swings, all at minimum risk and trivial effort. 

StockSafari™ software consumes merely several seconds of your time per stock per day, since the near-term (2- to 4-week) price peak and price bottom for each stock are precisely and reliably forecast days in advance, and there is therefore no need to monitor each stock during trading hours, unless you day-trade.

This also means that without using margin or leverage, and solely on cash basis, StockSafari™ is capable of gifting you an income stream of about 3% monthly ROI (Return On Investment) or far more, and high double-digit annual ROI. 

The high accuracy and precision of the price forecasts mean that such extraordinary monthly returns of 3% (cash basis), or more, and at virtually zero risk, can be achieved easily, effortlessly, and consistently in any market, bull, bear or flat. 

Innumerable traders and investors have already achieved and enjoyed extreme returns in this way that are far above even the top-performing hedge funds, with little effort and no stress but eustress.  Expending trivial amounts of time and effort, typically just a few minutes each month, users of StockSafari™ routinely capture a stock’s near-term price swings easily, effortlessly, accurately and fully. 

Making extreme profits with such clockwork precision and predictability can become so routine that it is even quite boring. Knowing ahead of time where the price peaks and bottoms are, you may no longer care what Wall Street’s pundits and talking heads spout any more, and suddenly discover that you now have several extra hours of free time each day hanging heavily on your hands, and to do as you wish. 

This is just one of the many additional invaluable dividends and fringe benefits you’ll now enjoy besides better physical, mental and psychological health, healthier living style and longer life-span, more time and money and love for your family and loved ones, and better relationships, now that we’ve liberated you from Wall Street’s manipulative Skinner Box, and enabled you to easily reclaim and regain your freedom and liberty, and your expanded and henceforth far greater financial independence.   

You should, of course, never forget, but be forever grateful to, those whose hard work has enabled you to so effortlessly and swiftly achieve the above life-transforming feats and genuine, comprehensive, TOTAL FREEDOM.  

We trust you’ll not be so selfish as to not share this website and StockSafari™ freeware with your family members, relatives, friends or acquaintances, and especially those who are toiling or in need of extra income or a job.  

Spreading the word about StockSafari™ is one good way to show your appreciation, win new friends and their gratitude, and create good karma for yourself in the process.   



Two Major Persistent Problems Solved  

Even today, and other than StockSafari™ and the lucky users of our price forecasts, investors and traders are still plagued with the perennial problems of (1) “time lag” and (2) no reliable “magnitude of future price movement” forecast. 

What (1) “time lag” means is that at a stock’s price peak or price bottom, investors and traders do not know that price is reversing in direction, and would only realize that fact after price movement in the new direction has started and taken place substantially, thereby forfeiting significant profit opportunities, before going short or long. 

What (2) “lack of magnitude forecast” means is that even if and when the “time lag” problem is solved, and the near-term (4 week window) price peak and price bottom are both known right at the moment they occur, there remains the problem of not knowing then and there how far the price will move, down and up respectively, before price direction reverses once again.  As the accurate price forecasts that StockSafari™ software shows, these two major, persistent trading problems have been solved for at least the stocks we cover, resulting in extreme, maximum profit with virtually zero effort and risk for traders and investors who use such precise, reliable stock price forecasts.



Effortless Income From Our Price Forecasts

StockSafari™’s price forecasts are generated and updated every day, and refined every 60 seconds during trading hours.  The forward-looking time window is 2 to 4 weeks into the future.  This is similar to long-range weather forecasts that cover several weeks into the future, to provide plenty of lead time. There is thus no requirement to watch the stock or the market during trading hours, as investors and especially traders routinely do.  Orders to buy and sell (including short selling) the near-term price bottoms and peaks, respectively, can now be placed leisurely days ahead.

Since the future price peaks and bottoms are known in advance, from StockSafari™’s advance price forecasts, the aforementioned problems caused by “time lag”, and the routine, inevitable forfeiture of substantial gains resulting from said “time lag”, are eliminated. 

Additionally, since the “magnitude of [future] price movement” (i.e. extent of future price swing, whether down or up) is known in advance from StockSafari™’s daily (and refined every 60 seconds during trading hours) and real-time price forecasts of the upcoming price peak and bottom, the full extent of future price movements can be profitably and optimally captured, for both the down and up price swings, leading to maximized, extreme returns precisely because of having minimized risk, resulting in the least uncertainty, risk or error for every trade, and producing the maximum profit, whether short or long.

The classic high-return-means-high-risk paradigm that would normally apply to trading and investing is thus totally disrupted and overthrown, and no longer necessarily true.

Instead, using our software StockSafari™, maximum return is now coupled with minimum risk, the ideal situation regarded as impossible in classical finance and economics, until now.  

StockSafari™’s newest, way-beyond-state-of-the-art price forecasting provides extremely easy, simple, low-risk, immediate and enormous benefits not just financially, but also psychologically and mentally.  Instead of anxiety, worry, uncertainty, surprise, loss and stress, you now enjoy total serenity, confidence, foreknowledge, no surprise but eager anticipation and its fulfillment, extreme profits, excitement, exhilaration and eustress. 

StockSafari™ is the software that the savviest traders and investors are using and enjoying.  With the extremely accurate price forecasts that StockSafari™ can provide you, you too can easily join the ranks of the winningest traders and investors.  With StockSafari™, you’ll quickly find your ROI easily and dramatically improved, while your effort, time, uncertainty, risk and stress are pleasurably reduced by orders of magnitude. 


Use StockSafari™ Starting Today!

For our extremely easy instructions on how to fully benefit from our stock price forecasts, we suggest you spend the one-time 3 to 5 minutes or so going through our brief and sufficient StockSafari™ User Guide, a PDF file that you can read by Clicking Here.   If you prefer reading the User Guide in a language other than English, try the machine translation of the User Guide by Clicking Here and then selecting the language you prefer at the top left corner.  Keep in mind that it is a machine-translation and therefore can be useful but rather mediocre in translation quality.

After reading the easy User Guide, you’re ready to download and run the freeware version of StockSafari™ by CLICKING HERE.

 Be sure to tell your family, relatives, friends and acquaintances so they can also benefit and thank you for being a true and worthy friend. 



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